15 October 2007 @ 01:16 pm
The paid account wil expire on November 1st.
From that moment this journal will be closed and I won't update it anymore.

Feel free to un-friend.
Thanks for these two beautiful years.
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09 August 2007 @ 12:06 am
It's already the 9th of August here in Italy so..

Happy Birthday pikakao!
I wish yu to have a wonderful day full of joy and sweetness from the people you love most ♥
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05 August 2007 @ 10:52 pm
Hi =)
I hope your holidays are going as weel as mine are and that you're enjoying yourselves.
This afternoon I came back from the sea. I met an interesting guy. Beautiful, smart. He's everything a girl could ever desire..and the most interesting thing about all this, is that he liked me too. The only problem was that he was the guy my best friend's been falling for for months! I mean.. WTF?!?! When she told me about that I was like: 'YOU MUST BE KIDDING, GIRL!' but I decided to let him go and for the first time this year I'm proud of what I've done.

I'm going to Paris next week! *__* OMG, I'm so excited! I've never been there before and I can't wait *_*
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05 August 2007 @ 06:55 pm
Happy Birthday _omnivore_!!!!!
I'm sorry, I know it's a little late..I haven't forgotten about your birthday I just wasn't at home yesterday and couldn't connect.
Happy Birthday again sweetheart!

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01 July 2007 @ 03:22 pm
Today I was sitting in front of the sea, here in Liguria, Italy and listening to some music.
Looking though the songs in my iPod I found these ones. I think they describe in a perfect way how do I feel at the moment.
Maybe you won't like them, maybe you'll think they're boring or something but I don't care..I love them and just wanted to share.
Under the cut you'll find a link to 'SendSpace' for every single song and a zip file.

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